Synthetic Oxygenates

Novitas offers a full range of Synthetic Oxygenates including Synthetic Esters (SE), Polyalkylene Glycols (PAG), and Organo Phosphates (OP).   These synthetics have drawn an increased attention in recent years as they offer unique attributes such as biodegradability, solvency, surface activities, and fire retardancy that are not found in traditional hydrocarbon type base oils.

Product Information Applications
ProductCode Composition 40C Viscosity cSt Automotive Industrial Grease Metal Working Marine
SE-425 SE 25 X X X   X
SE-320 SE 320   X X   X
WI-625 PAG 120       X X
WS-5100 PAG 1000 X X X X  
OP-3303 OP 46   X