Synthetic Base Oils (SBO)

Through exclusive sales partnership with synthetic base oils (SBO) manufacturers we are pleased to offer you a full range of synthetic base oils from Synthetic Oxygenates (Esters and PAG), Synthetic Naphthenic ( Alkyl Naphthalenes and Alkyl Benzenes) to Synthetic Hydrocarbons (high viscosity PAO).  Our goals are to offer highest quality SBO products to meet all your synthetic needs today and tomorrow, and to offer prompt service and timely delivery from our warehouse locations in Houston, TX and Akron, OH.

Synthetic Hydrocarbon Synthetic Naphthenic Synthetic Oxygenates
SinoSyn PAO-40A SynNaph AN23: Alkyl Naphthalene WS/WI/WT PAG Series
SinoSyn PAO-100A Alkyl Benzenes Specialty Esters