Antioxidant Additives

Novitas offers a wide range of Antioxidant Additives, from hindered phenolics to aminics to carbamates and specialty blends.

Product Information Applications
ProductCode Composition Food Grade Industrial Grease Metal Working
AO-1004 BHT X X X X
AO-1008 Liquid phenolics   X X X
AO-1010 Solid phenolics   X X  
AO-1115 S-Phenolics   X X  
AO-1208 Octyl DPA   X X  
AO-1209 Dinonyl DPA   X X  
AO-1218 Styrenated DPA   X X  
AO-1248 Liquid DPA X X X  
AO-1300 PANA X X X  
AO-1308 Solid APNA   X X  
AO-1312 Liquid APANA   X X  
AO-1400 TMQ Polymers     X  
AO-1504 Dithiocarbamate Dimer   X X  
AO-1901 S-N Blend   X X  
AO-1904 S-N Blend   X X  
AO-1905 N-O Blend   X X  

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