Specialty Additives (SA)

From antioxidants to antiwear to extreme pressure to corrosion inhibitors to friction modifers to additive packages, Novitas means innovation. Innovation and creativity is still needed in the lubricant, grease and metalworking industries. Don't settle for the 'same old, same old', find out what we mean by, The Novitas Difference.

AW-Antiwear FM-Friction Modifier EP-Extreme Pressure
AW-3001: TPPT FM-2101: Ester based EP-2000: AEP
AW-3305: OP FM-5104: MoDTC EP-2301: P-Based
AW-3160: Phosphate FM-5208: MoDTP EP-2901: S-N Based
AW-3108: FZG Booster AW-3211: Proprietary EP-2909: S-N Based
AO-Phenolics AO-Aminics AO-Specialties
AO-1008: L-Phenolics AO-1209: L-DPA AO-1901: S-N Blend
AO-1010: PE-Phenolics AO-1218: S-DPA AO-1904: S-N Blend
AO-1115: S-Phenolics AO-1300: PANA AO-1905: N-O Blend
CI-Corrosion Inhibitor RP-Rust Preventive SP-Special Product
CI-4208: L-DMTD RP-4001: Tri-Acid AP-6001: R&O
CI-4309: L-TTZ Based RP-4102: Neutral Ca SP-422D: 400TBN CA