Antiwear/Extreme Pressure/Friction Modifier Additives

Extreme Pressure Additives

Extreme Pressure Additives (EP) encompass a wide variety of technologies and chemistries.  Novitas offers ashless products designed for demanding applications. From chlorine replacement chemistry to native lignin, Novitas has the solution.

Antiwear Additives

Antiwear Additives (AW), often form the backbone of lubricant, metalworking and grease formulae. Novitas AWs are ashless and highly effective with some having HX-1 approval.  Look for our kosher AWs coming in the near future.  Let us help solve your antiwear problems.

Friction Modifiers

Friction Modifiers (FM) do just that, they reduce friction thereby extending the life of parts and products in service.  Novitas offers a liquid and a powder molybdenum disulfide product which meet the exacting specifications needed for these products.

Product Information Applications
ProductCode Composition Food Grade Industrial Grease Metal Working
EP-2000 AEP     X  
EP-2301 P-based EP   X X X
EP-2901 DMTD Based   X X X
EP-422D 400TBN CA-OB   X X X
AW-3001 TPPT X X X  
AW-3004 C4-TPPT X X X  
AW-3305 OrganoPhosphate   X X  
AW-3108 FZG Booster   X X  
AW-3160 Amine Phosphate X X X  
AW-3211 Antiwear/Friction Reducing   X X  
FM-5104 Mo-C4DTC   X X  
FM-5208 Mo-C8DTP   X X  

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