Corrosion Inhibitor/Rust Preventive

Corrosion of yellow metals and rust formation are major causes leading to fluid and equipment failures for many industrial oils and metal working applications.  Corrosion Inhibitors and Rust Preventives are thus two must have properties for lubricants to protect and extend the life of industrial machinery.    

CI-4208 is a leading yellow metal passivator that provides outstanding corrosion protection at 0.05 to 0.2% dosages.   RP-4102 is the top performing rust preventive with superior film forming and demulsifying characteristics.

Product Information Applications
ProductCode Composition Food Grade Industrial Grease Metal Working
RP-4001 Tri-Acids   X X X
RP-4102 Neutral Ca   X X X
CI-4208 DMTD, Oil Soluble   X X X
CI-4309 TTZ, Oil Soluble X X X X


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