Novitas offers innovative additive and synthetic base oil products most widely used for industrial, grease, and metal working applications

Product Group Composition Applications
Food Grade Applications
AW-1300* S-TPPT
AW-1304* L-TPPT
AW-3160* Amine Phosphate
WS-625 Water soluble PAG
AO-1300 PANA
Grease Applications
SynNaph AN23 Alkyl Naphthalene
SinoSyn PAO40A/100A High Vis PAO
SP-422D 400TBN CA
EP-2901 L-S/N Heterocycle
FM-5104 MoDTC
Industrial Oil Applications
SinoSyn PAO40A/100A High Vis PAO
CI-4309 Oil Soluble TTZ
RP-4102 Neutral Calcium
WT-10000 HFC Thickener Base
AW-3211 AW/Friction Reducing
Metal Working Applications
EP-2301 CIP Replacement
WS-5100 Lubricity PAG
IP-172 Inverse Polymer
RP-4001 Tri-Acid
EP-2909 S-N Heterocycle